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The beautiful mad bastard called Des

They are the Liberaces of league. Like Madonna and Maradona, Pele and Prince, these worthies need one handle only. One is plenty.

Think Joey and Matty, Rabbits and Gus. Think Beaver, Benji and Braith. Think Sterlo and his mate the great Fat Man.

And think, of course, of Manly coach, the funny, mad bastard called Des.

Yes, Desmond John Hasler; a one-off, a singular cat, a weirdo in a good way.

He’s an enigma. Private and a showman. Remember when he ripped a door off the hinges at Parramatta Stadium? People who knew thought setup – unscrewing hinges is a thing Des’d do. The man maintained innocence. Blamed the door. Blamed Channel Nine for filming it. Said he would pay for the hinges. Betcha the club did. Classic Des.

He doesn’t talk a lot about himself, yet there’s lots talked about him. He doesn’t like things written about him, yet he’ll read every word. Bet he reads this.

In the wake of Des Hasler’s recent departure from Manly, we highly recommend this reading from our Sports Editor and founder of Beaches Champion Matt Cleary, who profiled the man one year ago.

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