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Breathtaking pics take local prize

A stunning image of a giant cuttlefish swooshing through shallow water at Cabbage Tree Bay Aquatic Reserve has won the third annual UNDERWATER! 2023 Photo Competition. As part of Northern Beaches Council's 30th Ocean Festival, the competition featured amazing images of underwater life at the five Aquatic Reserves on the Northern Beaches by new, emerging and established underwater photographers. The competition's judges said Talia Greis’ winning image Torpedo “beautifully captures one of the Northern...


Northern Beaches Business Park opens in Cromer

An indoor driving range, mini putt putt course, a giant trampoline centre and an indoor swimming pool are all part of the mix soon to open at the Northern Beaches Business Park (NBBP), a new estate replacing Roche pharmaceuticals at the corner of South Creek and Inman Road, Cromer, which officially opened on his week— proof the Beaches really knows how to mix business with pleasure!

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