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Wendy Kay

Wendy Kay

Book art turns heads, not pages

Lovers of art and lovers of books, and especially lovers of both, are in for a treat when their two passions combine in a...

Art in a can (and a cube)

When is graffiti not graffiti? When our local artists take a Spraycation! Arming themselves with spray paint and imagination, our best established and emerging artists will...

Country at the Diggers

It’s fair to say 2020 was a rough year for Jason Owen. Like thousands of performers around Australia, dozens of his gigs were cancelled...

‘People think because you deal with shit, you are shit’: KENNY theatre review

Sure, 2020 was a crap year. So why invite more crap into our lives? Because Kenny is one hell of an outstanding ride you won’t...

Love of balmy evening brews and tunes helps Market Lane Live live on

When you're on a good thing, keep going. That's the mantra organisers of pop up wine and beer garden Market Lane Live are running...

Mike’s Magic, but a little long for comfort

“Come along! Watch hot good young men get their gear off,” they said. “It’ll be fun,” they said. And it was. For the first 30...

Covid curtain lifts at last with ‘Pippin’

Finally, the razzle dazzle is back! Yes, you’ll have to head out of the peninsula and across the bridge to get it, but Broadway hit...


Wendy Kay

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