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Local boys’ big push to get disabled riders on track

Mountain biking requires speed, coordination, and agility. You’d also assume the sport requires buns of steel and legs of thunder but the legends at local disability advocacy group, Access Adventures has flipped that notion completely.

Access Adventures founders Jacob Graham and Seb van Veenendaal are currently offering opportunities to men and women with spinal cord injury and others living with a physical disability to ride adapted mountain bikes around locations like Manly Dam. The specially designed bikes, imported from overseas, offer the opportunities and freedom to people with disabilities to experience life to the fullest.

But these specially designed biking badboys don’t come cheap, at around $22,000 a bike.  Currently Jacob and Seb are using loaned bikes but they are keen to expand and offer a more reliable service and are looking to purchase a bike for exclusive use by Access Adventures.

So as two avid bike riders looking to raise money to help people with disabilities experience more in life, they’re doing what they’re best at and undertaking a 24 hour ride to raise money.

“Access to these adapted mountain bikes can offer so much, allowing people to access adventure recreation opportunities they thought they’d never be able to do again. We’re helping people to push the limit on what’s possible” Seb said.

“Whatever we can do to help people try new experiences and have an energetic adventure at the same time can make a huge difference in someone’s day to day experiences.”

Funding has already received a kick start with $5,000 from the NSW Government secured by their (our, your) local MP James Griffin.

Want to help them find the remaining cash?

Get involved: https://www.facebook.com/accessadventuresaustralia