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Sealed with a snooze

This beautiful seal has been soaking up the winter sun at the grass at Dee Why since hauling up on Thursday evening.

While this isn’t Reg, our  regular visitor from Christmas, fans are flocking for a peek!

This gorgeous shot was taken by one of our favourite local snappers Matt Connor @manly_drone.

Signs have been erected at Dee Why Beach to remind the public about regulations involving resting seals:

  • People must remain 40m from an adult seal on land and 10m in water
  • Remain at least 80m from a seal pup at all times
  • Do not walk between a seal and its path to the water
  • Seals may bite if frightened or provoked
  • Pets must be restrained and children supervised
  • People should not feed wildlife

If you see a seal in distress or injured, do not approach. Report to NPWS on 1300 0PARKS (1300 072 757) or ORRCA on 02 9415 3333.