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Sitting down for the skinny on our flabbiest furry friend, Reg

Reg the Australian fur seal has left the Northern Beaches this week for more southern shores, after almost four months frequenting Manly, Dee Why, Curl Curl and Long Reef.

These rare marine creatures aren’t normally regulars on our popular beaches, usually just passing on through from around Port Stephens to the Great Australian Bight in Spring and Summer to find a mate then heading on back home.

Photo credit: ORRCA member Kelly-Marie Monger
Photo credit: ORRCA member Kelly-Marie Monger

But not Reg – named by our interviewee Jools Farrell, for his love of thermoregulating (sun-baking, essentially). Reg instead chose to join his kindred sun seekers at Long Reef, at Manly, at Curly and even pop by the rocks at Fairy Bower to catch the Shelly Beach walkers on their evening constitutional from  October 2020 through to end of January 2021.

Why was Reg here for so long? Where are his family and friends ? What happens when huge marine creatures haul up to a populated beach, who calls who and does what?

Join Manly Observer Editor Kim Smee as she sits down with Vice President of ORRCA (Organisation for the Rescue and Research of Cetaceans in Australia), Jools Farrell, to get the skinny on our fabbest, flabbiest local celeb, Reg.