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Human remains uncovered at Little Manly

Remains discovered during construction work at Little Manly Beach yesterday have been identified as human bones, but not of this era, it has been confirmed.

Police were initially called in yesterday afternoon after Council contractors working on a new seawall made the discovery.

An archaeologist was called in to assess the bones and have since determined they are human but very old.  As a result police are no longer involved in the matter and authority has transferred to NSW Heritage.

The exact age of the bones and next steps are currently unknown but we will enquire further to uncover the fascinating process in a feature piece. Given the Aboriginal Heritage Office is involved, it is likely to predate white settlement in the area.

Northern Beaches Council said in a statement this afternoon:

“Work has ceased at the construction site, and it is now under Heritage NSW jurisdiction with the Aboriginal Heritage Office and Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land Council operating under their authorisation.”

Council also revealed bones were also found at the site a week ago, but that these were determined to be from a sheep.