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Yeeew Better Clear Out, Says Council

Popular but illegally-constructed BMX bike courses in Baringa Avenue and Koobilya Street Reserves in Seaforth will be destroyed after Council voted to remove and remediate the area last Tuesday. There were a number of young and passionate speakers against the decision (not all of whom were able to speak), but likewise a number of residents who had felt “entitled youths” had damaged the bushland and affected the area’s amenity.

Recognising a lack of decent intermediate bike trails for local youths, it was agreed to update the Grove Bike Park and seek suitable sites for further facilities. It is unclear where bike enthusiasts are expected to go in the interim.

Local rider Tom Conder, who was unable to speak at the Council meeting due to a procedural decision, said the “entire riding community is extremely disappointed” by the decision. “It’s far easier and cheaper for Council to formalise our jumps than to bulldoze them,” he said.

A council report stated reasons for not supporting the unauthorised trails included that they were built without permission, the bushland was damaged and that formalising the area would “reward these actions and some people no longer feel safe at the site.”

However, reasons for supporting the unauthorised trails included acknowledging that there are not enough bike facilities particularly of this type in the local area, “high and growing demand for places to ride” and council reported the tracks had become a place for young people to meet and make friends, while getting outside and being active.

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