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Turtle Release an Emotional Affair

Video Credit: @nickos_adventures

Photo taken by Chasing Summer 03 and ping

We could rewatch this release of rescued turtles Billie and Ella a thousand times over. The pair was released into Cabbage Tree Bay earlier this month after a long rehabilitation with Australian seabird rescue (Central Coast).

One turtle, Ella, was rescued from Cabbage Tree Bay and later found to have a 2.5 metres of string and balloon – and part of a plastic bag – in her bowel. The 15 year old turtle is just one of countless turtles in the area to mistake discarded balloons as jellyfish, making her seriously ill. Billie had a severe bacterial infection.

Local diver @nickos_adventures sadly reported that on the same day these beautiful creatures were returned to the sea, two further turtles were found sick in the aquatic reserve, one with string hanging from its backside.

It’s a very clear message that helium balloons should NEVER be released into the atmosphere.