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Rough start at Bare Creek bike track

A bike rider has suffered a concussion and other head injuries just two days after the opening of the Northern Beaches’ much-anticipated Bare Creek bike track.

Forestville firefighters attended the new mountain bike park at Belrose yesterday to assist NSW Ambulance crews to carry a patient suffering a concussion and head injuries.

Ambulance crews reportedly treated multiple patients at the park earlier in the day.

The park was formally opened earlier this week and features 1.6 kilometres of downhill bike trails, flow trails, skills and dirt jump areas, a pump track, walking trails, a dedicated access road, as well as toilets, drinking fountains, and bike maintenance stations.

The Northern Beaches Advocate covering the opening here.

Council’s website says the track is suitable for all levels with less experienced riders being able to start on the pump track and skills area before working through a progression zone and then tackling the advanced gravity trails.

Bare Creek bike park was opened by local MPs and Northern Beaches Council on Thursday. Photo: Northern Beaches Council

The project was funded and built by the NSW Government and managed by Northern Beaches Council.

As it is a new track and there was a lot of excitement about its opening, it’s possible riders are going out a little too hard and fast.

Forestville Firefighters issued a reminder this morning for enthusiasts to “have fun” but “please stay safe and ensure you are wearing the correct protective equipment.”

Photo: NSW Fire and Rescue