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Free next day grocery delivery launched for Manly and Beaches

This feels like more of a Public Service Announcement than an ad but in the interests of transparency, let’s call it both.

Fairlight resident Benjamin Kassel has launched an app and service, called Pretty Green, that provides FREE grocery delivery NEXT DAY, completely does away with plastic bags and orders all the fresh stuff from produce markets the night before according to what has been ordered. There is NO WASTE.  Yep, see those words? FREE. NEXT DAY. NO WASTE.

We ordered off our own dime through the app and managed to complete our grocery shop for the week.  The brand options were not as extensive as the big guys but every item I needed was covered off and the prices were standard grocery costs, with no mini-mart style price hike. I was most impressed by the competitive cost of the seasonal fruit and veg, and when it arrived the quality was top notch. I was also order the night before and had it by 8am.

And when the whole no contact malarky is over Pretty Green – which is based in Brookvale –  will even have their delivery folk come in and fill up your fruit bowl and unload your goods from their plastic tubs onto your shelves, which will be particularly helpful for those with injuries or limited abilities.

If I’ve already said enough to convince you, just go ahead and download the Pretty Green App here: www.prettygreen.com.au

Have more questions?

So did I.  So I called up founder Benjamin who, like us, is stuck in lockdown in the most beautiful part of the world here on the Northern Beaches and asked him more questions than one should probe to a potential advertising partner.

Pretty Green founder and Fairlight resident Ben Kassel

“I stopped doing online shopping because it drove me crazy receiving so many items in plastic bags, sometimes a single item would have its own bag,” I tell him.

He replies: “It really wasn’t that hard, we just deliver everything in tubs, which we then take with us and clean each evening. I’m not sure why no one did it sooner.”


Benjamin – Ben – is doing things differently, I quickly realise. He’s given each driver plenty of time to properly unload the groceries and in non-covid times have a chat or help as needed.

In the current climate the delivery person waits ’til the customer unloads the tub and then collects it from outside the door, keeping it contactless.

Pretty Green has managed to cut out all the reasons to avoid online shopping – it’s free, it has no minimum spend, it’s price competitive and you can order next day through a seamless app.

And they are all about sustainability – reduced waste, reduced emissions, reduced plastic.

Ordered quantities of produce are processed each evening, resulting in less food waste the next day, and all deliveries are queued by suburb and carbon offset, with a new fleet of electric vans on the horizon.

Forgetting that I was trying to get an ad from him, I rudely ask: “But how can you do all these things and still make money?”

“We minimise waste and don’t spend a lot of money on a shiny shopfront,” Ben explains.

A broad range of products to choose from include the freshest produce direct from the morning’s markets, household items such as pantry staples, and personal care – with more product lines being added in line with customer demand.

Pretty Green customers receive a text when their driver is 15 minutes away, reducing wait time.

It’s a clever solution to lockdown grocery buying, it’s local, sustainable and buys fresh produce from the markets. AND they are supporting Manly Observer with advertising this month.  Definitely sounds like a winner to us:   www.prettygreen.com.au



First published on in September 2021. 

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