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Callout for rescue wildlife hotline volunteers

Volunteering with Sydney Wildlife Rescue can be a little heartbreaking, but also intensely rewarding and at times a little amusing, long-time rescuer and Freshwater resident Ed Laginestra tells us.

“A couple of years ago people were really worried when they saw an echidna trapped in rocks at Little Manly just as the tide was coming in. It was pretty tense as time was running out, so our rescuer organised a boat to go out to fetch it. Just as they arrived the echidna jumped into the water and swam back to shore, using its snout as a snorkel!”

“Rescue can be entertaining, especially on the phones,” she adds.

(This anecdote amused us so much we googled “snorkelling echidna” and was not disappointed – thanks Tassie.)

Of course, there are often jobs requiring euthanasia, particularly those hit by a car or fallen from powerlines, but amongst the hard bits are stories of hope.

Ed raised this little roo, Bevan, after its mum was hit by a car in Balgowlah.

And this little possum was rescued from Freshie.

A brush-tail possum rescued from Freshwater recently. Ed’s note – this photo induces cute rage.  AH!

Sydney Metropolitan Wildlife Services Inc (Sydney Wildlife) was formed in May 1997 to meet the specific needs of urban wildlife in the Sydney metropolitan area.

They are licensed by NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service (NPWS) to rescue, rehabilitate and release sick, injured and orphaned native animals and to educate the community, at all levels, about the need to protect our native animals and to preserve their habitats. The organisation is a registered charity and is operated entirely by volunteers offering support  24-hours, 7-days a week.


The Sydney Wildlife team is now seeking folks willing to volunteer on their rescue phone lines.  You can do the work from your home after some in-office training on their systems or at their office in Lane Cove National Park.

“Our rescue line is in great need of volunteers,” explains Bird Rescue coordinator Carolyn Martin.

“If you have an interest in wildlife and some time to spare, we would love to hear from you. You can volunteer with like-minded people in a pleasant environment in the Lane Cove National Park or at home.

“Our wildlife has suffered in many ways over the last year with the heat and bushfires and ongoing urban development, but it is the day to day collisions on our roads and with our buildings that take the largest toll on our urban wildlife,” she said.

Rescued Bandicoots.

“We get calls every day from people who find stunned or injured birds and animals on roads or in backyards. If you see an animal hit or lying on the road, if it is safe to do so you can help by checking if it still alive. If so, please call us on 9413 4300 and one of our rescue line volunteers will be able to assist you.”

To volunteer contact 9413 4300 and register your interest.

More information visit http://www.sydneywildlife.org.au




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