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Boom-Boom! Manly Marlins old boys debut for Australia

Maro Itoje was screaming, waving his arms, setting free the craziest bug eyes in world rugby. His lock partner Jonny Hill was performing a similar role; roaring, guttural, a giant extra from Braveheart. It was Dave Porecki’s first lineout throw in Test rugby. It was England’s welcome to their house. Porecki lined up the ball in two hands. Looked down the ever-narrowing tunnel. The England forwards were all movement, encroachment, noise. Their eyes went wider and crazier again. Their arm waving became more frenetic. They became so loud that referee James Doleman stepped in like a schoolteacher. “If you do that again, I’ll free-kick you,” Doleman admonished. “Stop calling out.” They did. And into the quiet tunnel Porecki tossed the Gilbert. What Happened Next? Full Report Here