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Young man dies after North Curl Curl rip rescue

The young man rescued and resuscitated at North Curl Curl in early August has had his life support turned off.  Robin Kadyan, 22, died on Friday, Northern Beaches Hospital has confirmed.

A person who appears to be connected to the man, Chirag Dalal, has set up a Go Fund me page to arrange his transfer to India for his funeral,which has already raised $50,000.

“You may know Robin Kadyan as your friend or brother…there was brain injuries [that] were irreversible and he was not able to survive the incident,” Dalal writes.

While we have no reason to be suspicious of this page and the photo used, and it has been widely used by broader media today, we would like to make it clear that we have not yet had contact with Chirag Dalal and have not been able to verify the page and photo. We will update accordingly.

While the two other men taken to hospital after the incident have slowly recovered, unfortunately Kadyan, who was found face down in the water and had to be winched to safety before being revived, sustained too much damage to survive.

All rescued from the water were in their twenties, understood to be international students living in Western Sydney.

They had all been swimming off the rocks near North Curl Curl pool at sunset when they were swept out to sea by a strong current.

Kadyan was seen being rescued at about 5.15pm via by the Westpac Rescue Helicopter and was witnessed being given CPR for an extended period at the nearby parkland.

The two other men were picked up by on-call surf life savers in IRB (inflatable rescue boats) and were treated for fatigue, hyperthermia and exhaustion and transported to Northern Beaches hospital unwell but stable. We understand both are making good recoveries.

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