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Who got elected to Northern Beaches Council?

21 December 2021: The following is the confirmed list of new councillors for the Northern Beaches Council:

Manly Ward

Georgia Ryburn (Liberals)

Sarah Grattan (Your Northern Beaches)

Candy Bingham (Good for Manly)

Curl Curl

Sue Heins (Your Northern Beaches)

Kristyn Glanville (Greens)

David Walton (Liberals)

French Forrest

Michael Regan (Your Northern Beaches)

Jose Menano-Pires (Your Northern Beaches)

Stuart Sprott (Liberals)


Ruth Robins (Your Northern Beaches)

Bianca Crvelin (Liberals)

Vincent De Luca (Independent)


Rory Amon (Liberals)

Michael Gencher (Your Northern Beaches)

Miranda Korzy (Greens)

The mayoral role will be determined by a vote of the newly elected Council on 29 December , 2021.

PREVIOUSLY 5 DECEMBER 2021: The Liberal Party and Your Northern Beaches Independents have made a strong showing across the board this election, very likely nabbing five spots apiece on the new Northern Beaches Council, which comprises 15 spots.

While both groups scored a favourable swing, the strongest swing was the Greens, at 7.3 last count. This may be enough to win them one or two seats, but it’s too close to call. Labor and independents appear less popular this election.

With Good For Manly’s Candy Bingham looking to secure one seat at the Council Chambers, this leaves four undecided spots, according to our most trusted election source, ABC’s Antony Green.

Candy Bingham

While we may refer to “elected” councillors, no position is officially elected until 20 December and the mayoral position is elected by the new council just over a week later. Preferences and online votes are yet to be added ot the tally.

Cut to the chase, who do we think is almost definitely elected so far?

  • Candy Bingham (Good for Manly)
  • Sarah Grattan (Your Northern Beaches)
  • Sue Heins (Your Northern Beaches)
  • Michael Regan (Your Northern Beaches)
  • Michael Gencher (Your Northern Beaches)
  • Ruth Robins (Your Northern Beaches)
  • David Walton (Liberal)
  • Stuart Sprott (Liberal)
  • Rory Amon (Liberal)
  • Georgia Ryburn (Liberal)
  • Bianca Crvelin (Liberals)

This leaves four undecided seats.

Check out the https://vtr.elections.nsw.gov.au/LG2101/northern-beaches/manly-ward/councillor and the ABC analysis here https://www.abc.net.au/news/elections/nswlg/2021/northern-beaches

What’s happening in the Manly ward?

Not much change for Manly, with incumbents former Deputy Mayor Candy Bingham and Cr Sarah Grattan looking to secure seats, and Liberal newcomer Georgia Ryburn – replacing retiring Cr Pat Daley – easily winning election with almost a third of the first preference vote.

Newcomer for the Liberal Party Georgia Ryburn.

What’s happening in Curl Curl ward?

The ABC has called incumbent Cr Sue Heins as winning a seat for Your Northern Beaches and incumbent Cr David Walton for the Liberals. Both have received a near equal number of first preference votes.  The third spot is yet to be called, and it is too close to call.

And the rest?

Former mayor Michael Regan and incumbent councillor Stuart Sprott are as good as elected – Cr Regan secured almost half of the first preference vote. The third spot is too close to call, though it’s possible Cr Regan’s running mate, former Liberal Jose Menano-pires, will grab a spot.  Another sitting councillor Rory Amon has taken a decisive lead in Pittwater for the Liberals, with newcomer Michael Gencher (Your Northern Beaches) also likely elected. The third spot could go to the Greens’ Miranda Korzy, who has a very strong showing of over 20% so far, but it could fall to the Liberals when the dust settles.

Michael Regan

In Narrabeen, newcomers Bianca Crvelin for the Liberals and Ruth Robins for Your Northern Beaches look set to win a spot. It’s a close call for third, with preferences the major decider.

About 10% of all votes counted so far have been informal – which means they were either blank/not taken seriously or filled in incorrectly.  If you were one of those intentional informal voters, we would love to hear from you, anonymously, your reasoning behind it.

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