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Teenager stable after critical bike injury: Dad’s message to community

The father of the teenager critically injured at Bare Creek Bike track after a fall yesterday has  kindly written to us to inform the community of the child’s condition. He has also responded to the messages left from the community on our thread. His message below: 

Hi Manly Observer, 

My name is Adrian and I’m the dad of the teenager that had the accident at Bare Creek on the pump track yesterday.

Firstly, my wife and I would like to thank all of the emergency services crew who attended the scene, the emergency services call centre, and everyone that was there at the time. The support, professionalism and calmness from everyone was very welcoming in such a critical situation. We would also especially like to thank the three guys that were on site with us when the accident first happened along with “David” who were all amazing assisting us stabilise him, helping us do a spinal role at a critical time, and also keeping us calm in a high pressure situation until the paramedics arrived. We will be forever grateful.

Our son is now in Westmead Children’s Hospital in the greatest of care and, although very bashed up, fundamentally he is ok.

Our son is now in Westmead Children’s Hospital in the greatest of care and, although very bashed up, fundamentally he is ok. He has ruptured his spleen badly and has torn his liver in three places. The internal bleeding seems to have stopped, and for now, he is in a stable condition. He has also now been cleared of any serious spinal and head injuries which is a good thing. Although he isn’t out of the woods just yet, though it’s looking like he is on his way to a strong but long recovery soon. 

We would also like to thank all those that left kind messages of well being on your page. As for the judgemental ones, perhaps they can learn from the kindness of others and reflect on how they might be able to contribute positively to something. 

Regarding the accident itself, a simple case of a little too much speed and a slight misjudgment on the pump track. Seeing such a big accident occur from minor mistakes, if anything, reiterates the need for a complete set of safety equipment when riding there, and perhaps, should be made compulsory. From our end a full faced helmet along with neck brace support and chest body armour would have greatly assisted in limiting the extent of his injuries.

Hopefully an accident like this will bring more attention to this aspect of riding, especially at such a well maintained and specifically design community facility of Bare Creek. And yes, you can guess what our next purchase at the bike store is going to be (although it might not get used for 2-3 months).

And perhaps in addition, as parents, we can find better ways of communicating to our kids of the dangers of sports like riding and the need to be safe. Though trying to get a teenager not to “send it” and have fun at a track he has been to countless times seems almost an impossible feat. 

On this occasion, it seems we have been somewhat very lucky, have learnt a great deal as parents, and again would like to thank everyone for their support and wishes. 

Careflight responds to a critically injured teen on 8 January 2022.

A recap of what happened

A teenaged boy sustained head and suspected spinal injuries after coming off his BMX bike at the Bare Creek bike track in Belrose on Saturday 8 January.  The boy lost consciousness from the impact of the fall.

The Mounties Care CareFlight Helicopter was tasked shortly after 1.00pm and landed 15 minutes later within the grounds of the bike park. CareFlight’s medical team made their way to the scene of the incident where NSW Ambulance paramedics were providing initial treatment. In tandem with emergency services personnel, CareFlight’s medical team worked to transport the patient off the bike track to a nearby ambulance.
CareFlight’s specialist doctor and NSW Ambulance critical care paramedic conducted a full trauma assessment on the boy, which included an ultrasound to check for internal injuries, administered pain relief and undertook spinal precautions.
CareFlight’s medical team provided ongoing treatment for the teenager as he was taken by road with NSW Ambulance in a critical condition to The Children’s Hospital at Westmead.


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