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Teen goes overboard new Manly Ferry in swell; saved by phone torch

A teenager has been recovered after going overboard on the new Emerald class ferry ‘Clontarf’ during the Manly to Circular Quay run this evening.

Police have confirmed to Manly Observer a 19-year-old man went overboard at 7.30pm this evening, 2 April.

A police spokesperson said the 19-year-old was on the back of the ferry, apparently jumping up and down with the swell with friends, when the vessel hit a large wave and he fell overboard. A search for him went for several minutes.

“He apparently somehow managed to get his phone out to put the torch on, they threw him in the guardian angel  device (used for tracking) and life jacket and brought him in.”

Water police met the young man at Circular Quay and gave him a blanket. He is reportedly in good health.

The Emerald Gen 2 ferry before it was cancelled due to swell (before its sea worthy trials) last November.

The incident occurred about 200 metres from North Head. We have footage of the stopped vessel at this time as a search was carried out to find the man; other witnesses have confirmed he was found thanks to his phone light. It would have otherwise been very difficult to find him in the dark and in unusually rough seas.

Transdev, the operator of the newly launched Emerald Gen 2 ferry which has been unwelcome from campaigners for saving the larger Freshwater ferries, has provided the following statement at 11:30pm this evening:

“This evening after departing Manly for Circular Quay a passenger fell overboard from the ferry Clontarf. The passenger was recovered without harm and the ferry continued to Circular Quay. An investigation of the circumstances of the incident has been initiated.”