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Northern Beaches man dies with COVID at home

A Northern Beaches man has died in his home with COVID, NSW Health has confirmed.

Manly Observer understands the man, in his 60s and partially vaccinated with underlying health conditions, died in his Narraweena home, with his body discovered during a police isolation check early on Friday morning, 17 September.

He was being managed at home by Northern Sydney Local Health District. We have liaised with an acquaintance of the man who said he had received the positive COVID result on Monday (13 September) after complaining of not feeling well the week prior.

During today’s press conference a journalist asked NSW Health’s Jeremy McAnulty, “A man in his 60s who died at home, he was being cared for in the community by northern Sydney healthcare. Was [there any reason why he was not] in hospital?”

However, Dr McAnulty replied, “I don’t have the details but that person as I understand it was being cared for in the community by the local health district, and we will have to get back you on that.”

We have been liaising with NSW Health since yesterday to understand the case and associated potential exposure venues but have been provided no other information. We were told that if there are any concerns for public health in relation to exposures “we will let people know, including the media, whose help in publicising these matters is very welcome when required.”

“I strongly suggest the COVID-19 risk assessments be left in the hands of the public health unit,” a representative told us.

However, with NSW Health no longer listing venues of concern, it is unlikely these venues will be made public. Casual contacts are rarely notified, in our observations. Close contacts are not all captured, and there can be long delays.

We are told by neighbours he frequented the local groups of shops around McIntosh Street, which included Narraweena Liqourland, which closed for cleaning last night and has staff testing and isolating as a precaution. It is also understood he regularly caught route 178 and 179 from Narraweena to Brookvale at 8.30am.

Image: Google Maps

While we are aware of the various shops he frequented, without confirmation of dates and times from NSW Health listing them, or businesses volunteering that information, we question the value of publishing the data. We are told he wore a face shield.

As lockdown eases, we expect this information will become even less available and the virus more prevalent.

So, where to leave it?  If you feel unwell, get tested and isolate. Get vaccinated. Wear a mask indoors and keep your distance.

And, importantly, condolences to the friends and family of this Northern Beaches man who, by all accounts, succumbed to the virus alone in his home.