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Is the 136 bus getting cancelled? The short answer is YES

Petitions have been flying around social media recently as concern mounts over changes to the 136 bus line, a popular route connecting Manly to Chatswood. We asked our local MP’s office for confirmation it is being completely withdrawn. The response was yes, but the Beaches component of the route is being replaced by a new bus called the 166.

What will this mean for Manly residents?
“There will be a new 166 route between Frenchs Forest and Manly via Freshwater. This will replace the 136 but travel along the same route.”
What if we want to go from Manly to Chatswood?
“ If you want to go in the direction of Chatswood the 166 will connect people to the much anticipated new All Day Frequent route, the 160X from Dee Why to Chatswood (this can be accessed at Dee Why or Frenchs Forest).”
The 144 from Manly to Chatswood will also remain, though it is now including a stop to St Leonards, replacing the 143.
“ The new all day frequent express service (160X) will leave every 10 minutes and it will operate from early morning until midnight, seven days a week. Delivering a service from Dee Why and surrounds like never before, replicating the B-line style that everyone has come to love,” a spokesperson for Manly MP James Griffin said.
There is a campaign currently gaining momentum calling to “help save the 136 route now”. It has collected several hundred signatures within two days, though it’s primary concern is with how the changes affect members of the East Chatswood area, where it is one of the few bus services available.
It has gained significant traction through Northern Beaches based social media sites in the last eight hours.

It follows a more formal objection from Manly Ward councillor Sarah Grattan, who gained Council support to lobby the State Government to retain a number of services that affect Seaforth and Balgowlah residents. You can read about that story here: https://www.facebook.com/manlyobserver/posts/170783771359255

Need a recap on the new 160X (we’ve also heard referred to as the 13X) ?

The 160X is currently an express service from Mona Vale to Chatswood but it will become a new much more frequent route with limited stops that will operate from early morning until around midnight, seven days a week from Dee Why to Chatswood. Buses will run at least every 10 minutes across the day, and at least every 20 minutes in the early morning and late at night.

The following are the new stops for route 160X:

Dee Why to Chatswood
• Dee Why Shops, Pittwater Rd (209922)
• Warringah Rd opp Alfred St (209991)
• Warringah Rd at Willandra Rd (210069)
• Frenchs Forest Rd opp Inverness Ave (208642)
• Frenchs Forest Rd after Bantry Bay Rd (208645)
• Rabbett St at Forest Way (208649)
• Warringah Rd at Starkey St (208714)
• Babbage Rd at Allan St (206969)
• Chatswood Station, Stand D (206722)
Chatswood to Dee Why
• Chatswood Station, Stand A (206720)
• Babbage Rd at Park Ave (206966)
• Warringah Rd after Ferguson St (208738)
• Forestway Shopping Centre, Forest Way (208671)
• Frenchs Forest Rd opp Bantry Bay Rd (208636)
• Skyline Shops, Frenchs Forest Rd E (208617)
• Warringah Rd before Willandra Rd (2100114)
• Warringah Rd before Alfred St (2099108)
• Dee Why B-Line, Pittwater Rd (209913)
Initial transport changes were announced in October and are expected to take effect in December.
The original announcement is available here: https://transportnsw.info/…/northern-beaches-lower…

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