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Council orders Rollers Bakehouse exterior removed over flaky safety

Quaint laneway pastry purveyors Rollers Bakehouse in Manly’s Rialto Lane have been ordered to pack up their outdoor seating and decorative plants after it was revealed no Council permit had ever been granted for the space.

Nor will it be granted, according to Northern Beaches Council, which says it is too dangerous to operate outdoor seating, despite more than five years without incident.

The decision came after Northern Beaches received a formal complaint last December regarding Rollers’ use of a public footpath for outdoor seating, the Manly Observer was told.

“The café does not have an approved Outdoor Dining Permit and has never applied for one.

“Council has assessed the site and is unable to offer a permit to formalize the use due to safety issues with the location,” a Council statement read.

Rollers Bakehouse exterior plants and furniture

The assessment reported dit was  unsafe for pedestrians to use the outdoor furniture due to vehicles accessing the laneway. It is frequented by trucks servicing delivery for a number of local businesses.

Rollers Operations Manager, Malin Segerberg, wasn’t convinced this was a satisfactory reason for the removal of their outdoor furniture and plants.

“Rollers has been located here for five years, almost six now, and they have just proposed to us that within a week’s time now they want to remove all our plants, all our outdoor seating because it’s obstructing the laneway.

“And this is such a big thing for us, because the outdoor seating, the plants that have been here for so long now have never caused any issues,” Malin said.

Rollers Operations Manager Malin Segerberg.

In response, the Cafe decided to post a petition on Change.org requesting 500 signatures from the locals to save their outdoor setting.

“Our outdoor space has been a cornerstone of community connection without impeding essential road activities. We ask for your signature on our petition to demonstrate overwhelming community support. Help us show the council that our outdoor seating enhances, not hinders, the charm of Rollers,” the petition states.

A fiery community kickback surpassed the goal in eight days, resulting in over 1,100 signatures and a meeting between Council and Rollers next week to discuss the matter further.

“The community loves it. Customers, the locals, everyone travelling from afar just to see this hidden little gem here in the laneway.

“It’s such a big part of the community, and it’s really cool to see the community come together and actually standing up for us”, Malin said.

Sean Gerraty voiced his concerns on the petition for the potential change in his winter swimming routine.

“Why change something thats not broken? The best place to warm up with a coffee after a swim in winter. Lots of people love it not only the locals but the tourists.”

“Why change something thats not broken? The best place to warm up with a coffee after a swim in winter. Lots of people love it not only the locals but the tourists.”

Amy Roche references a history of zero incidences and the vibrancy it brings to the lesser-known parts of Manly.

“Rollers have had seating outside for years with no issues, they attract people to the area and beautify an ugly lane way.

“What a shame it would be to the business, customers and Manly to enforce this ruling.”

Northern Beaches local, Kerry Lehanneur, fears for the culture of Manly if iconic meeting areas like this are stripped from the Corso (and its rear).

“Rollers Bakehouse bring vibrancy and life back into an area that had been forgotten. They don’t block the road, they don’t create noise.

“Please stop taking away culture from us locals.”

Rollers Bakehouse alleyway. Source: rollers_bakehouse Instagram

Northern Beaches Deputy Mayor Georgia Ryburn isn’t happy with Council’s hardline approach, positioning herself as squarely pro-pastry.

“Common sense needs to prevail here. If a business makes Manly better, we need to encourage that, not stop it,” she said.

“Pedestrian safety is, of course, absolutely paramount…but even if a license isn’t permitted, people will still line up across the road waiting for their coffee. So the whole Rialto Laneway needs to be looked at to ensure safe shared space,” she said.
So I’ll keep pushing to review the entirety of Rialto Lane and how it’s used. Let’s make it more user friendly for everyone,” the Deputy Mayor said.
“So I’ll keep pushing to review the entirety of Rialto Lane and how it’s used. Let’s make it more user friendly for everyone,” she said.
Manly councillor Georgia Ryburn.
Rollers Bakehouse is located at 19 Rialto Ln, adjacent to the underground Coles car park.

Council has said they informed the Bakehouse of the complaint and asked them to remove outdoor seating and pot plants along the public footpath.

When no action was taken Council issued a formal notification on 31 January 2024.

The cafe is still operating with the furniture and plants outside of their business after a requested extension until next week was approved by Council.

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