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Christmas restrictions on the Beaches: Your Questions

Here are answers to some of the questions we are getting from residents regarding the Christmas restrictions on the Northern Beaches:


What if someone lives North of Narrabeen but West of the Temple?

If they reside within the Northern Beaches Council local government areas (basically cuts off at Roseville Bridge), you are under the same rules as the southern zone.

Can someone in the southern area visit someone in the northern area?


Can people gather for Christmas on the beach in the southern area, what about a picnic?
Official advice on this has changed overnight and groups can now take their Christmas festivities to outside public places, like parks. However, they add that these parks may not be “open”.  More on this to come, as Northern Beaches Council will not make any determination on what’s happening it’s areas until the official public health order is announced. 
Where are the boundaries? Where exactly is the cut off for Narrabeen bridge cut off – are people in the pocket to the right of the Narrabeen Bridge on Pittwater Road and south of Ocean Street on the north or south?

People south of Ocean Street are in the Southern zone. NSW Health has now issued a map.

What are the conditions again? It’s all getting confusing

On December 24, 25 and 26, the following conditions will be in place:

For the Northern Beaches peninsula zone (North of Narrabeen Bridge, and east of the Baha’i Temple):

  • There is a new reason for leaving home: to visit the home of others who live within this zone.
  • Up to 5 visitors (total, including children) will be allowed in homes as long as they reside in the peninsula zone.
  • People may not enter or leave this zone, unless for the four approved reasons already in place.
  • On December 27, the region will revert to existing restrictions.

For the remainder (southern zone) of the Northern Beaches:

  • There is a new reason for leaving home: to visit the home of others who live within this zone.
  • Up to 10 visitors (plus primary school children and younger) will be allowed in homes. This may include people from outside this zone, not including the Northern Beaches peninsula zone.
  • People who reside outside the Northern Beaches are allowed to visit others in this zone.
  • Residents of this zone may not leave, unless for the four approved reasons already in place.
  • We will reassess restrictions in this zone following Boxing Day.


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