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Walk it off: local walking and running groups to join

Autumn is a beautiful time for walks and runs around Manly and surrounds. While a solitary stroll can be a great way to grab a breather, the benefits of sharing a regular constitutional with others is well-documented.  We’ve pulled together a few examples of locals leading the way by starting free local walking and running groups for all levels of fitness. 

For the lads

The Man Walk is an Australian wide phenomenon which found its way to Manly 18 months ago.

Jake Broadbent, who runs the Manly/Queensie branch with his brother Jimmy each week, said it was a good opportunity for local guys to walk, talk and support each other. They head off at 6am from Queenscliff Surf Club every Friday morning.

“For the most part we have a laugh and a good time, but it’s always great when someone reaches out about something that’s bothering them,” Jake said.

Jake (far left) and his brother Jimmy (centre) run the Man Walk from Queenscliff every Friday.

The Man Walk provides an environment that is positive, supportive and inclusive, where there is no pressure and no barriers to entry. Just an opportunity to walk, talk and support.

“We want to make it ok to talk, and we want to make it ok for men to ask for help if they need it.”

There are now over 70 Man Walk groups all around Australia.

“Men taking care of their mental health is a big issue in the Northern Beaches and we want to break that stigma that you can’t talk about what’s going on.”

The Manly Man Walk is an open event to anyone interested and if you would like to know more visit the Manly Man Walk Group  on Facebook or visit the website (Man Walk) and follow the prompts. We walk every Friday starting outside Queenscliff Surf Club at 6am.

Participants in the Manly Man Walk

For the ladies

Spurred on by the success of the man walk, a women’s walk is now also available at 6am on Fridays, starting at Manly Wharf. It also a free walking group, and has been established in the Manly area for connection and wellbeing of our local lasses. Ellen Colfer says every Friday morning the women meet at Manly Wharf and walk over to North Harbour Reserve and back in just over an hour.

“There’s no pressure to come every week and you don’t even need to do the whole walk. Just a chance to meet local women in the area, have a chat, make friends and get some exercise. Great for your mental health! No judgements in this group!” Ellen says.

Ellen and her friend Tina started the walk as their partners were doing the Man Walk on Friday mornings and they wanted something similar (if you want more info on that one let us know in the comments?)

“We want it to be a support network for local women, where you can make friends, share or gain advice and most importantly talk to someone if you need to.”

If you’re interested drop into their Facebook group. If you aren’t a Facebook user, feel free to drop us a line and we will connect you.

For the runners

By Bella Buda

A new Manly-based running group has kicked off with the aim of beating blues rather than PBs.

RunTalkRun, a global phenomenon now in our area, involves participants running 5kms every Monday at 6pm in a bid to maintain good mental health in a non judgement environment.

Northern Beaches resident Kirsten Knappett, was listening to a podcast about RunTalkRun when she decided this would be a great opportunity for her to connect and support the community of Manly.

She says RunTalkRun is a support group that aims to make movement and mental health support less intimidating and more accessible.

Kirsten Knappett

“It’s not about times or being fast, it’s a non judgement environment and you can offload as much as you like, or you or you can just run.”

“You’re never going to feel worse after a 5km run.”

Runners meet at Queenscliff Surf Club at 5.50pm to run at 6pm every Monday.

To sign up for RunTalkRun, download the MyCrew app or visit the Instagram @runtalkrunsydney for more details. It is free.

Runners meet at Queenscliff Surf Club at 5.50pm to run at 6pm every Monday.

To sign up for RunTalkRun, download the MyCrew app or visit the Instagram @runtalkrunsydney for more details.

We have heard of a few others great running groups around, we know of the men’s group Vipers and we have dropped in on the free running groups from Pace in Manly.

There is also an excellent Park Run held in Curl Curl every Saturday morning. On Sunday mornings there is now also Run Stars which has a 2.5km option as well as longer runs.

Know a mixed walking group or want your running/walking group elsewhere in the Manly electorate – Brookie, Freshie, Curl Curl or Seaforth way? Want it added to this list? Get in touch and we will include you below or on socials. Editor@manlyobserver.com.au