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‘Take Away’ Manly World Food Markets, Says Council

Manly World Food Markets are facing the chop, with Northern Beaches councillors agreeing they weren’t quite cutting the mustard as a family friendly twilight activity.

The markets usually run during summer months on Friday evenings in Manly (and elsewhere on occasion).

Council has voted to investigate alternate family-friendly twilight activity options which will “Support existing food outlets in the CBD” with a report to be brought back to Council later this month.

One option Council will investigate is a roof top open air cinema at Whistler Street car park, though should that prove unfeasible, several other options will be explored.

All councillors were in favour of the move except Cr Rosyln Harrison.

Anyone have any ideas on some Covid-safe family friendly activities that would bring some joy and entertainment to bored folks and their charges this summer?

Editor’s note: technically it should be that the world market markets “is facing the chop” as it’s a single name/entity but it just reads strangely so apologies for those who have dog eared pages in the Elements of Style!