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Shock and Awe: Beaches waves make a splash

Photographer Neil Thompson Rees describes the scene of this photo taken today 25 August  at North Curl Curl pool.

“There were three of them. The guy in the shot and two girls. They started off perching on the rocks trying to get shots until a big one came through and they got wet. The girls who weren’t dressed for it backed up. The boy in the wetsuit went to the pool to get the shot with his phone.  I am not sure he expected what he got but he handled it well!

“These Northern Beaches water people do know the ocean and grow up doing these crazy things. After this one though it was time to leave. It was freezing cold after one and a half hours of shooting on the cliff near the surf club” – NEIL THOMPSON REES

Sydney reportedly recorded wave heights over 8 metres today with wild winds exceeding 100kmh overnight and still dangerously strong through today. A hazardous surf warning is in place til the weekend. The winds were so strong that surfers were able to make use of rare swell in the harbour beach at Fairlight.

Several boats had to be rescued or salvaged from East Esplanade today and there was significant damage to the Long Reef coastal walk.



The timber boardwalk at Long Reef was severely damaged by intense storms overnight. Photo: Greg McDonald