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Life on the Fringe: Meet the Northern Beaches’ first psychic hairdresser

Yes, you read that right. Psychic hairdresser. It’s not often you hear those two words in the same sentence, but Ashlee McDonald will not only cut and colour your hair but will call on your guardian angels and have an entire conversation with them while you wait for foils.

Sounds odd, but after 18 years in the hair and make-up industry, Northern Beaches hairdresser Ashlee said she realised she had another calling when she discovered her mediumship abilities.

“I fell in love with yoga and meditation in 2014 and spirituality and tarot became my number one hobbies travelling to India and meeting my guru and learning about energy healing and soon started developing my mediumship abilities reading for friends and family,” says Ashlee while she started on my foils… 

“Now I combine hair and make-up and mediumship into a full-time business and my number one passion is not just making people look beautiful but healing the inside as well,” she adds.

A skeptic but somewhat curious, I asked Ashlee (pictured) to give me a reading and she asked for a piece of jewellery that I frequently wear. I gave her my wedding ring and after she had finished my foils she got to work and closed her eyes while she “tuned into my guardian angels.”

“I see Paris. Why do I see Paris?” she asked. “Oh Paris is where I got engaged,” I answered covered in goosebumps.

“Oh now I have your grandfather with me, along with your grandmother, they are together and talking over one another like they are fighting for my attention,” added Ashlee.

Now, It is actually weird that she mentions this as my grandparents died at the same time and when they were alive all they did was argue, I resist telling Ashlee this as I want to hear more.

She continues to talk about family stuff, most of which is quite generic but then she talks about my mother and asks me to pass on a special message to her, which I later do and my mum is pleasantly surprised.

After my reading, my hair is transformed from dull brown to glossy chestnut with blonde highlights and I feel relaxed and refreshed and armed with interesting insights about my family.

Her treatment with colour, cut and blowdry was  $280 and her reading is charged out at $100 for 30 minutes. It was a well-spent $380 for me, plus she came to our house free of charge which is another bonus.

“I had an amazing reading with Ash. She was kind, insightful and compassionate. She made me feel comfortable straight away. She used multiple methods to give me advice and much-needed direction which was truly life-changing,” another client confessed to me later.  

“Little things she said that seemed impossible at the time soon came to fruition, such as moving house and even where I moved to. I was feeling so rudderless and lost when I saw her, but her direction and insight was spot on,” they added. 

“She was also able to channel my Mum who’d recently passed away, which was a truly magical experience and helped me process further through my grief. Receiving messages from my Mum was the most incredible gift she gave me, I’ll be forever grateful to Ash and I will definitely be booking in next time I need some guidance or a check-in with my Mum.”

For more info visit @holistichairtherapysydney

This is not in any way a sponsored piece, just a interesting little local encounter by our lifestyle editor Faye James.