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Floodwaters return but community better prepared says SES

The Northern Beaches was once again hit with flash flooding and heavy rainfall today, 7 April 2022. As at 6.30pm Severe Weather warnings remain in place, though the heavy rainfalls are expected to “contract” this evening and completely ease overnight.

Manly CBD received about 107mm in rain over the last 24 hours with rainfall peaking towards the Wakehurst Parkway at Middle Creek at just over 114mm.

Manly Hydraulics Laboratory has recorded the following precipitation levels today:


Floodwater and fallen trees also wrought havoc on the local power system today with more than 651 homes in the local area impacted by power outages at various points.All outages had been addressed by 7pm this evening with the exception of about 90 homes on William Street North Manly where a very large tree took out the localised grid earlier this afternoon.

A massive tree falls on William Street in North Manly today. Photo supplied to Manly Observer from @the_wandering_feet

Wendy Camelotti from the State Emergency Service (SES) Manly Unit  said there were about 50 requests for assistance across Bothe the SES Manly and SES Warringah/Pittwater units mostly with sandbagging and roof fixture jobs.

The SES volunteer said while there continued to be plenty of jobs coming through, there had been a notable shift in community preparedness for this event which had made a huge impact on the number of call outs.

“I think the community has been so much better at preparation this time around. This really is a new phenomenon, I want the community to know that BEING prepared makes such a difference.”

“Even with messages we have been getting from people saying they are so glad they have cleaned their gutters out or organised sandbags in advance, these are the actions that prevent roofs collapsing and places from flooding. Better communication generally locally and perhaps the message just getting through has meant the community is better able to handle [it].”

“Really, today we couldn’t fill sandbags fast enough, and all week people have been coming down for them ahead of the day.”

There is still a possible bout of heavy rainfall that could hit tomorrow morning, so anyone who may need sandbags can visit the 1C Quirk Road SES Headquarters in Balgowlah and fill up.

If no one is available you can instead purchase sandbags at Bunnings.

Ms Camelotti noted that Collaroy had already received its usual average level of rainfall for the entire year in just three months. The rest of the Beaches is sure to follow in their footsteps shortly.

Unprecedented times continue.

Article written and research by Amy Wight with Kim Smee.