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Cooking with passion: an interview with the face behind With Love She Bakes

They say things taste better when they are cooked with love. Perhaps that’s the secret behind the increasing success of Northern Beaches cake delivery service With Love She Bakes.

Diagnosed with coeliac disease at 17, Sarah always loved baking and found herself whipping up some of her grandmother’s favourite recipes using gluten-free flours.

“Before With Love She Bakes, it was hard to find a good bespoke gluten-free bakeries. I mean you can buy stuff from Coles or Woolies but nothing really special,” Sarah says.

With that in mind Sarah launched her own company and things really took off during lockdown.

Before she knew it, customers were knocking on her door with requests for dairy free, nut free and refined sugar free creations.

“Because I have coeliac I know what it’s like to truly suffer from an allergy so I think customers feel safe that what I offer is 100 per cent allergen free,” adds Sarah.

Coeliac is an immune reaction to eating gluten, a protein found in wheat, barley and rye. For many it can be debilitating.

“There are quite a few bakeries that might offer gluten-free cakes but may still have trace ingredients such as baking powder or colourings that actually contain gluten and would be dangerous to a coeliac. So when I bake something which is gluten, dairy or nut free, I have to ensure it’s exactly that.”

It’s this tenacity that has seen With Love She Bakes grow and as we slurp our cups of tea and tuck into one of her cupcakes, it’s easy to understand why.

Her creations not only look amazing but taste delicious too, and clearly baked with love.

For more information visit www.withloveshebakes.com

We also recommend you check out the delightful instagram account!


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