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Corso Brands Hub actually closes down: who will move in next ?

We don’t expect you to believe this story, so goes The Boy Who Cried Wolf, but it’s true – Brands Hub (aka “Brand Names Brand Names Brand Names”), the Corso mainstay selling a little bit of everything, is closing down. In fact, it’s already closed.

The site, just across from the wharf and next to the Corso Coles among others,  has been earmarked for development since 2019, but with the ‘whole covid thing’ slowing down plans and forecasted delays in the site’s metamorphosis, Aspiring Properties is looking for temporary creative uses for the site.

The entire Emporium building will, at some point, be re-vamped in earnest. Until that day – which could be in three months or even a year – Owners’ representative Meegan Clancy says the 400 square metres of prime Manly real estate could be used for almost anything.

“It’s ripe for a pop up,” Meegan tells us – “and even short-term activations like we see at the wharf every other weekend. But perhaps there is something we haven’t even thought of yet?”

And best of all, there’s no hard price.  Now, being a very large retail space in one of Sydney’s prime tourist thoroughfares we aren’t expecting it to be within everyone’s budget – and certainly not in ours – but the wink wink nudge nudge we have is that a prospective tenant with a great vibe, attracting frontage and a great idea but shaky capital will have a much better chance of tenancy than a discount store with a bucket of cash in two-dollar denominations.

“While the initial commitment would be for three months it’s highly likely to roll over right up until the day the bulldozers move in,” Meegan tells us.

“We want to hear any ideas the community has, or perhaps tag a brand you think should test the Manly scene out? We’d love to see what ideas are out there, and the right tenant can move in straight away if they want to.”

To find out more or throw your hat in the ring contact Meegan Clancy on 0409 977 82 or email mclancy@icms.edu.au