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Doing it for Nan

After two and a half long years of glorious growth, 9-year-old Beaches boy Will Bray will kiss goodbye to his gorgeous golden locks.

He started growing his hair for the fun of it, then he thought he could add some purpose to it, and not long after the mission became deeply personal.

On 9 December 2022, Will’s hair will be chopped and donated.

He will give his 35cm long hair to Wigs for Kids, a charity that provides hair replacement protheses for children with cancer.

Will Bray

He is also raising money for the Australian Cancer Research Foundation at the same time.

“The money is going to a good cause. It’s for the scientists to make better medicine. My hair is going to help other people who need a wig. I think it will make a good wig,” Will said.

Will’s mum Kaycee said contributing to a cancer charity became even more meaningful this year.

Will’s grandmother or Narni, Kaycee’s mum, Pam Thwaites was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive cancer fairly recently. Sadly, she passed away just 11 weeks after her diagnosis.

She was such an active human — playing softball, working, fishing, playing at the beach. Her door was always open to anyone who needed a cuppa or a chat. She’d had breast cancer twice, but this was different. She was my best friend and Will’s partner in crime,” said Kaycee.

Will with his Narni

“As you can imagine, Will now has a much more personal and deeper understanding of how amazing and important his choice to do this is.

“He took it upon himself to research different cancer charities and where the funds would go, to make sure they lined up with his plan.

“He has decided to cut his hair on what would have been her 66th birthday, the 9th of December.”

With support from his sports teams, Belrose Eagles and Forest Baseball and his school Wakehurst Public School, among others, he has already managed to raise over $4,500.

You can support Will’s Big Chop here: https://www.mycause.com.au/p/293498/wills-big-chop

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