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Northern Beaches Severe Weather Warning: What You Need To Know. Rolling news thread


2pm 6 April 2024 The evacuation orders at Narrabeen have been downgraded. Council is now focusing on clean up, drain clearing, reopening closed roads, and supporting the SES with fallen trees as needed. The Wakehurst Parkway has reopened.

11am An evacuation order is still in place for low lying areas around Narrabeen Lagoon (pictured below in picture captured by @bybertie). No further rain is expected.

Areas downstream from Manly Dam are downgraded to monitor conditions.

There is significant sewerage contamination in flood waters, particularly around the Clontarf area so best to avoid the area.

All beaches remain closed. Pollution is very likely.

8am Saturday 6 April

An evacuation order has been issued for low lying areas at Narrabeen Lagoon.

Prepare to Evacuate if you are downstream of Manly Dam.

4am: A major power outage has affected more than 1,700 homes in Balgowlah, Seaforth, Clontarf, Fairlight and Balgowlah Heights this morning (from 2am). Ausgrid has listed this this as a major fault which could take up to 12 hours to repair (update – was returned before midday).

While the rains are predicted to ease from 6am, and there has been minimal flash flooding on the Northern Beaches, the region has seen 126mm of rain recorded (Terrey Hills), and strong winds persist.

Manly Dam has recorded 163 mm of rain the last 24 hours and is near capacity (96.4).

Swell is at 4-6ft and with the incoming tide in the next few hours the Manly / Queenscliff lagoon area is likely to flood.

State Emergency Services crews continue to work overnight fixing rooves and responding to fallen trees due to constant wet and strong winds.

By afternoon the weather expected to have cleared.

7.30pm The Manly Ferry is operating at a reduced frequency as the swell picks up.

Updates here.

7pm: Watch and Act order for Narrabeen lagoon area

The NSW SES advises people in the following area (s) to PREPARE TO EVACUATE due to current dangerous and rising flooding:


North Narrabeen

Narrabeen Peninsula

All low-lying properties around Narrabeen Lagoon and along creeks, causeways, driveways and culverts.

You should monitor the situation and prepare to evacuate so that you can safely evacuate when instructed to do so by NSW SES. Wherever possible, you should prepare to stay with family or friends,

Please download the hazards near me app for alerts.

5pm: Wakehurst Parkway is closed from Oxford Falls to Narrabeen

4:00pm Balgowlah Road (the section between Harris Farm and Manly ABC pool) is now closing. The pool itself remains open.

Council has ceased Hop Skip and Jump bus operations until tomorrow at 10am.

Marine Parade (Fairy Bower) has barriers in place and will likely be closed shortly for safety and reopened at 10am tomorrow.

All beaches are closed.

All fields are closed on Saturday apart from Rat Park, Manly Oval and synthetic fields at this stage.

All netball courts are closed for Saturday.

Water levels are rising quite high on Pittwater Road beside Nolan reserve and should be avoided.

3:40pm The rain has slightly intensified and conditions are already bordering on too dangerous to drive through between Harris Farm and Andrew Boy Charlton Pool at Manly. Avoid the area.

12:30pm Friday 5 April: The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) has issued a severe weather warning which includes the Northern Beaches this weekend, with particularly high risk form this evening, 5 April.

A heavy 120 to 200 mm of rain is expected to fall from Friday into Saturday morning with gusts of wind potentially hitting up to 90 km/h.

Northern Beaches Council and NSW State Emergency Service (NSW SES) have urged residents to prepare for intensified heavy rainfall as well as flash flooding.

NSW SES Public Information Officer & Media Liaison, Wendy Camelloti outside the SES Manly Unit

Council is continually monitoring and will provide updates of the situation and have completed inspections of critical assets across the area including storm water infrastructure. Manly dam is lowered and lagoons are being opened.

NSW SES units are prepped to respond and support communities with flood or storm assistance and can be contacted on 132 500.

For medical or life threatening emergencies call 000.

There are multiple ways to prepare for the upcoming rainfall, following these steps may ensure the safety and well being of yourself, family and property.

Step One: What To Know

To have knowledge of hazards in your area download the Hazards Near Me app to your phone.

The app delivers specific information about what’s happening in your proximity and provides a three tiered warning system to portray the severity of the hazard.

You can also follow NSW SES on socials as well as Manly Unit SES and Warringah Pittwater SES for constant updates.

Step Two: How To Prepare

You can prepare for the forecasted rainfall ahead as well as potentially prevent major flooding to your home by following this advice from NSW SES.

Collect Sandbags:

Sandbags are a great way to divert water from coming into your home.

Northern Beaches Council and NSW SES have provided sand and sand bags in three locations around the Northern Beaches.

  • Denzil Joyce Oval carpark, located at North Curl Curl
  • Narrabeen Sure Life Saving Club
  • Balgowlah Golf Course, located on Sydney Road.

Note that you will need to bring your own shovel to scoop the sand.

Sand collection point at Balgowlah Golf Course. Photo: Manly SES

Clean your gutters:

It is important to keep your gutters and downpipes clear as blockages can cause the water to overflow under the eaves into the roof cavity.

This can cause an array of issues leaky infrastructure to short circuited electricals.

Clearing the gutters along the street around your property will also prevent flood waters from diverting towards your home.

Clean your gutters to avoid blockages. Photo: NSW SES

Be aware of where you park your vehicles:

With gusts of winds expected to hit 90 km/h over the weekend the SES recommend parking your vehicle away from any area where it may get crushed by a tree branch.

Avoid parking your vehicles in any area with a high risk of flooding – these areas can be viewed via the Hazards Near Me app on your phone.

A ute takes a hit from a fallen tree in Hilmer Street in Frenchs Forest during mid-winter wet.

Stay away from floodwaters:

Do not drive, walk or ride through floodwaters.

It is extremely dangerous, floodwater may be deeper and faster flowing than it appears and often contains hidden snags and debris.

Flash flooding also has the potential of turning a situation hazardous in an instant.

The water contains an array of diseases and bacteria and coming into contact with it may induce sickness.

Kangaroo Lane, after the floodwaters had receded. Photo: Alec Smart

Step Three: Who To Call

In an extreme weather event such as this emergency and rescue services are stretched thin and it is important to insure their resources are put to good use.

If there is a life threatening event do not hesitate to call 000 for emergency services.

If you need flood or storm assistance, call 132 500 for NSW State Emergency Services, they prepped to respond and support communities.


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