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Northern Beaches Nurse Shares Ode

A Northern Beaches nurse, Jessie Deere, says she was so looking forward to spending Christmas with her relatives overseas this year, but is now working for us on the front line. She decided to pen this poem to the residents of the Northern Beaches, and has let us share it with you all.

‘Twas the week before Christmas, when all through the house,
We were washing and masking and not going out.
Decorations were hung, and turkeys were bought,
Preparations were made, with great care and thought.
But we’ve changed our plans once, and we’ll change them again,
We’ve cancelled, rescheduled, postponed and reneged.
For no lunch, no dinner, no presents, no roast,
Is worth risking the lives of those we love most.
We can talk over FaceTime and catch up on Zoom,
Our love is no less when we’re in different rooms.
This Christmas think twice and, please, take care,
So the people we love will be with us next year.
– Jessi Deere 2020