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Manly to Spit Walking Track Upgraded

The popular Spit Bridge to Manly walking track that passes Dobroyd Head in Balgowlah has recently undergone a million dollar makeover. 

The entire track is 10km from one end to the other and, according to the National Parks and Wildlife Services website, takes approximately 3.5 to 4.5 hours to walk. However, for those with less time or stamina, if you join the main path near Dobroyd Head you can choose between 3.5km down to Manly or 4.6km to the Spit. This is where the main work has occurred. 

What’s happened? 

The most notable changes when entering from Dobroyd Head are the 300-metre boardwalk on your way to The Spit and the new sandstone finish steps as you head down towards Manly, making it a much more pleasurable experience.

The upgraded boardwalk. Photo: Amy Wight
Sandstone steps. Photo: Amy Wight

Specifically, the works included: 

  • The replacement and extension of Dobroyd Head Track boardwalk totalling 300m
  • 20 metres of new boardwalk at nearby Reef Beach
  • Installation of new pedestrian bridges to Beaty Street and Castle Rock walking tracks and surface improvement works to sections of the Dobroyd, Beaty Street and Reef Beach.  

A National Parks and Wildlife Services (NPWS) spokesperson said completion of the Reef Beach boardwalk has been delayed by the recent severe weather events, but this section of boardwalk is expected to be completed next month.

They conceded there was still plenty more works required along the popular track and sections are currently being assessed.  Future plans will also include installation of a new amenities building at Reef Beach next year, they said.

For more informaiton visit: https://www.nationalparks.nsw.gov.au/things-to-do/walking-tracks/manly-scenic-walkway  

Trying it out for ourselves 

One of the must see places along this walk is Arabanoo Lookout (a.k.a Dobroyd Head), which has a breathtaking view over both Middle Harbour and Sydney Harbour, day and night.  It was named after Arabanoo, an Aboriginal Man captured by Governor Phillip at Manly in 1788 to provide information on the ways of his people.   

Signpost about Arabanoo. Photo: Amy Wight
Arabanoo Lookout View. Photo: Amy Wight
Arabanoo Lookout Seat and Railing. Photo: Amy Wight

A reminder that due to the land being National Park, dogs are not permitted on the walking track unless they are a registered service animal. You can find the policy on the NPWS website

If beginning your walk from Dobroyd Head, here is what to look out for: 

The entry sign with the path shown on the right side. It’s a little bushy but the start of an excellent adventure.
Photo: Amy Wight


Bushtrack through from Dobroyd Head. Photo: Amy Wight

Heading down to Manly?

You’ll come across those brand new sandstone steps which have segwayed into this existing staircase.
Photo: Amy Wight

Heading to The Spit?

You’ll start at the new boardwalk stretching 300m before coming across the existing timber boardwalk. Photo: Amy Wight
Just a pro tip! If theres been rain about be mindful there will be a few muddy puddles along the way. Some spots are easy to creep around the edges but it would be my suggestion not to wear your fancy shoes!
Photo: Amy Wight

Overall the Manly to Spit walk is a must do for those who love getting out in the bush. Additionally, whether you’re starting, finishing or stopping by at Dobroyd Head it’s noted that Tania Park is a great place to stop for a sit down taking in the breathtaking view, set up a picnic on the grass or have the kids play in the playground.

View from Dobroyd Head parking opposite Tania Park. Photo: Amy Wight
Tania Park. Photo: Amy Wight

It’s certainly a walk I’ll be doing again. 

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