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Dee Why Lagoon Clean Up

Dee Why Lagoon Clean Up

Are you ready for the biggest clean up of the year?

This clean up will be tougher than our regular Clean Ups, and may not be suitable for small children or those with mobility issues.

We still want to you to come, no matter what: We still need your help with carrying, sorting and counting.

What to expect for this clean up:

  • You’ll most likely get muddy
  • You’ll most likely get wet
  • You’ll walk a bush trail inside the lagoon

You’ll see plenty of plastic bottles Gumboots are strongly recommended.

We got a limited amount of gumboots to lend people, but for a perfect fit, we recommend that you bring your own.

As this is a problematic area, the clean up will be longer than usual. The plastic has been here for many years and you can even hear the sound of it crackling under your feet, when walking around the area. Since, Dee Why Lagoon is a sensitive and important breeding area for birds, we’ll take turns (about 10-12 people at the time), walking in and out of the area. You can literally fill up one big of plastic bottles, just standing in one spot.

We would love your help with:

  • getting in the reeds and getting muddy
  • carrying bags back to the tarp ‘bag runners’
  • sorting the rubbish on the tarps (we will have tarps for plastic bottles, glass bottles, etc)

Getting there

There’s plenty of parking on Pittwater Road.

Look out for our trailer and the flags with our logo on. Our meeting point is pretty much opposite Westmoreland Avenue on Pittwater Road in Dee Why. For GPS, put in 855 Pittwater Road, Dee Why.

For people concerned about us disturbing the homeless people in the lagoon, we will not be close to that part of the lagoon.


Please share this event and bring your friends. This will be our biggest clean up of the year, no doubt.

As usual, no booking required, just show up on the day. We got grabbers, gloves and bags/buckets to lend you. Just don’t expect to come home clean after this one – let’s do this!

If you can’t find us, send us a message on Facebook(Opens in a new window) or Instagram(Opens in a new window). No need to worry about getting lost in the lagoon, we’ll mark the path for all of us.

Looking forward to seeing you all, for this BIG clean up adventure


30 Oct 2022


10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Local Time

  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: 29 Oct 2022
  • Time: 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

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