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Air Force conducting training ops in Manly

When a walker recently stumbled across a heavy duty looking military operation at North Head, he (quite rightly), took a few snaps and wrote to Manly Observer, asking, ‘Is this the end of days’?

We decided to scout the zone and discovered an Air Force air surveillance training operation in progress, complete with missile detection, and trucks in a temporary compound.

This reporter spoke to the Commanding Officer and he requested I not take photos, and directed me to the Australian Defence Media Unit for further information. We have not published those photos – given this could present security or intelligence issues, and have published their images instead.

A Defence spokesperson gave us the following explanation for the radar unit, which we are allowed to publish without contravening any security issues in place. They also supplied us with official photographs.

Air surveillance operation. Photo: Dept Defence

“No. 3 Control and Reporting Unit (3CRU) are conducting training in the Manly area over the next two weeks. 3CRU is part of the Royal Australian Air Force’s Surveillance and Response Group’s No. 41 Wing, which delivers precision Integrated Air and Missile Defence in the form of Air Battle Management and Airspace Surveillance.”

Meanwhile, due to the unseasonal sunny weather, three seaplanes were operating, flying tourists between Palm Beach and the CBD for scenic photos. Thankfully, this was the only air activity we observed in the vicinity.

Seaplanes flying tourists over North Head to the City was the only air activity Manly Observer observed. Photo: Alec Smart